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Abstract Architect

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Abstract Architect

photographs and paintings of you never quite caught your gaze
you don't belong haunting dance halls nor ancient alleyways
but I've been watching close all this time trying to sketch that dance
memorizing every line and angle of your enigmatic Gaudi glance

abstract architect you can't be pinned down
abstract architect in an American town
sometimes it feels like the runaround
abstract architect in an American town

the revolution's on TV and I watch her talk from Rome
the camera loves her and her voice is silky through a cardoid microphone
it's been forever since she said goodbye and kissed me with such power
I left confused by the stark design that she drew of the spiral tower

the winter wind off the St. Charles Bridge was not cold next to you
singing out on the Krakow square and later painting the Old Town blue
all the legends of two lost kids that found their place then crashed
maybe paints a perfect picture but the truth is far more splashed