1. Paradise

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I don't think much of this old frame
but the photograph inside it hangs me up
you smiling in the wind looking like a note I bend

a voice sings out and brings you round
a country song in a bar downtown
you're in my mind, I won't find that again

paradise is kind of slow
this little dive I go
there's black lights and blues in here
and time and space to get my mind clear

a catchy hook across the street
a knowing look in the Nashville heat
red eyes wise words on a wall unread

like Hank Williams lonesome bird
the dark night the stark words r
inging rhymes in my head

paradise, it's not true
I can't do this without you
there's black lights and blues in here
and time and space won't even slow my tears

I 'll leave you here inside a song
a perfect place to see you when I need to
I'll see you here inside this song
you always remind me that I need you, I need you

I walk across a burning fields
I know I'm dreaming it's unreal
there I am running for cover

should I follow you or save pride
choose confusion flames to ride
or lose you again as my lover