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I'm Sorry I Wasted Your Wine

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I'm Sorry I Wasted Your Wine

I only asked for a glass of your worst, sir
but I drained the whole bottle in no time
all those bitter grapes didn't drown out her memory
I'm sorry I wasted your wine

so partner here's 10 dollars for another
whatever bottle that'll buy me's fine
remember it ain't for sipping it's for forgetting
if her memory stays I've wasted your wine

I don't believe I've ever tasted anything like this one
it's from where did you say?
it's got just a hint of cinnamon and some dark chocolate spice
and I can almost taste her kisses
in its warm and bold bouquet

as I sit here in this bar she's with another
I'd hoped you'd help me drink that off my mind
thank you for your kind ear and chianti sir
but I'm afraid I've wasted your wine

I'm thankful for the taste, but still see her face
and I'm afraid I've wasted your wine