From the recording Make That a Double!

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The Other Side of the Bars

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you're never not in touch
but nothing much touches you
don't require wires
you say that's so 2002

another time and pace
the little kid looking up at stars
I see your face
the other side of the bars

4000 friends
have their smiles turned all which ways
to a digital wind
what's an analog boy to say

cold clouds have come
technologically gone too far
don't forget the fun
on the other side of the bars

do you know the difference between
can you see the distance i mean
between where we are
and the other side of the bars

i never thought I was
much inclined to look back
down the ragged road
to the place where we parted paths

then this tape turned up
i stuck it in my VCR
the band was playing to you
the other side of the bar