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Too Good To Be True

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Too Good To Be True

I should've known when I saw that smile on your face
when that morning-after sunshine seemed perfectly in place
and the birds that sang outside were all too blue
that things were too good to be true

two good years was all that we had
the hotels and the honky tonks the whiskey and the bed
now a washed out billfold photograph replaces you
things are too good to be true

you left me laughing at myself
standing on the street
drinking to forget
the truth and the deceit
changing my direction
always moving on
driving across the desert
just to say I'm gone

I rise up from dreams of what we've done
I see the burn holes in the bedspread, a picture of our son
hear the cars outside my downtown hotel room
things are too good to be true

there's stars in the country sky that don't tell lies
and the moon over the mountains shines down on our disguise
shining on the shadow of the man that you once knew
things are too good to be true