1. Walk It Off

From the recording Armed With Decoder Ring

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Walk It Off

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Walk it Off

you want words honey
I guess I've heard this one before
"hey he aint much for talkin' is he”?
that's alright i don't deny it
I'm fighting an old word war
Just a feeling bad and walking

walk it off
i'm tired of walking
these old soles don't hold up so well
walk it off
i'm tired of talking
all about the depths to which we fell

you want thoughts baby
I guess I ought to warn you now
of the darkness in my dreaming
cliche you say
ain't no way to change it now
it's uploaded and we're streaming

don't let me run this time
Don't let me run this time

i trust in us our laughing
you know i've listened a long time
these ears are geared for ringing

now its time to crash
let's sleep 'ere this explosion
my words are sometimes stinging