1. I'm Not Sorry

From the recording Armed With Decoder Ring

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I'm Not Sorry

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I'm Not Sorry

First I dreamed it then it turned around and happened
the night I said I'm leaving you
as I walked off down the street into the night time
cries rang off the walls clear and true

I still see those tears run down her face
hear her hum some old familiar song
it gets lonely when we see we've quit believing
got to find some way to carry on

But I'm not sorry for saying good bye
And I know that's not what I'm supposed to say
the streets feel good tonight, pretty ladies all dressed up right
Being alone it feels like a sunny day
and I know that's not what I'm supposed to say

The days go by much faster since I left you
I traded in my shotgun and my spoon
I lay drinking all night and thinking and strumming
playing Sad Eyed Ladies to the moon.

There's a time to look for signs along the highway
a time to consider what's behind
as the time comes to continue into the darkness
I'll drink a toast to you by full moonshine