1. No Stranger

From the recording Armed With Decoder Ring

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No Stranger

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No Stranger

friends found John dead in his chair
guitar in his lap just sitting there
no sign of a struggle no one heard a fight
it’s hard to piece together what happened that night
i hope it isn’t true how it feels to his friends
whoever killed Johnny was no stranger to him

nobody’s saying John was never unwise
but some of these suggestions are nothing less than lies
of course the cops can chalk it up to drugs
like that’s what a guy gets for hangin’ out with thugs
but a man was murdered we knew as a friend
but all you ever read about is what John was mixed up in

earlier he’d been drinking strip bar beer
John and Richard bending everybody's ear
conversation moved along to the democrats and Kerry
nothing at all really out of the ordinary
Dickie walked home low and broke again
Johnny Buck was killed between the next morning and then

last time we talked was in the room around from Earl’s
he was asking how I was treating the New York City girls
we got to laughing about the old band scene
Johnny smoking a joint talking about getting clean
said “good days are on the way, believe me Ben”
I think that those were close to the last words I heard from him

I hope it isn’t true how it feels to his friends
Johnny Buck was killed by no stranger to him